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Astbury Water Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of water and wastewater plant operations, maintenance, upgrades, and compliance in the State of Indiana. Additionally, we have successfully completed well over 500 stormwater sampling projects representing a wide variety of challenges. Our company is also the largest provider of wastewater sampling services in the State of Indiana.

Here are some of our projects:

Wastewater Plant Project #1 - Wastewater Plant Rehabilitation, Operations & Maintenance, and IDEM Liaison


A large town in Central Indiana had purchased this facility from a regional sewer district. The sewer district had long neglected the facility and IDEM enforcement action was imminent. Astbury discovered that the plant had an extensive infiltration & inflow (I & I) problem, a broken equalization tank, leaking air diffusers, and limited sludge wasting capabilities. The town immediately had Astbury begin operation of the facility while conducting an evaluation of plant operation.


In January of 2006, Astbury welded the equalization tank and installed pumps so that the flows to the facility would be steadier and the plant would be less likely to lose solids during an infiltration event. However, much more had to be done to make the plant operate properly.

Next, Astbury wired the plant's flow meter to the blowers so that the blowers would shut off when the flow reached 65 gallons per minute (GPM). This allowed for the plant's solids to settle to the bottom of the aeration tank during high flows and reduced the amount of solids lost during high flow infiltration events.

In order to allow the plant to waste its solids more often, Astbury constructed a new sludge holding tank using a tank from a previously decommissioned plant. We had an area excavated and connected the new tank. Using a decommissioned tank for this project reduced the cost significantly and demonstrates Astbury's commitment to being an economical provider of plant upgrades and compliance services.

Finally, Astbury repaired the air diffuser line using PVC pipe since the facility was going to be decommissioned in a few years. The new diffusers helped the aeration tank receive more air and allowed for a healthier biomass.

IDEM Liaison

In order to conduct this project and avoid IDEM enforcement action, Astbury corresponded with a high-ranking IDEM official. Astbury has a history of corresponding with IDEM to help our customers avoid enforcement action. IDEM approved of our plans and sent the town a letter of compliance after our improvements led the plant to operate in compliance even in events of infiltration.


The facility now operates in compliance, even though it still receives high levels infiltration. Our improvements were by far the most economical and saved the town over one hundred thousand dollars. Our experience with IDEM allowed us figure out what they expected to see without spending unwarranted amounts of money on less economical options. Astbury still operates and maintains this facility, along with three other facilities for the town.

In addition to daily operations & maintenance, the wastewater plant rehabilitation included:

IDEM Compliance Services

  • Maintained Close Contact with IDEM Officials
  • Presented Rehabilitation Plan to IDEM for Approval
  • Reported Improved Results of Operation to IDEM
  • Negotiated Plant's Return to Good Standing with IDEM

Plant Rehabilitation

  • Studied & Observed Plant Operation and Influent Problems to Formulate Rehabilitation Plan
  • Finished Rehabilitation Plan and Promptly Began Work on Plant
  • Welding & Repairing Equalization Tank
  • Wiring Flow Meter to Turn-off Blowers in High Flow Conditions
  • Patching & Replacing Air Diffuser Lines
  • Designing & Installing Sludge Holding Tank using Decommissioned Tank
  • Painting Entire Facility & Installing New Influent Pumps

Stormwater Project #1 - City of Indianapolis Storm Water Sampling Project

This project involved the installation of complete sets of storm water sampling equipment at seven sites on the east side of Indianapolis. Automated sampling and flow measuring equipment was installed at each sampling point.

The project was initiated in 1999. Installation of sampling infrastructure was completed by our personnel in mid-1999. Rounds of data and sample collection were successfully completed in October 1999, February 2000, May 2000, September 2000, January 2001, and April 2001.

The project required the collection of first flush grab samples as well as flow proportioned composite samples at each of the seven outfalls following a storm event with an accumulation of at least 0.10 inches. E-coli and BOD were both included on the analytical requirements for this project, so close coordination with laboratory personnel was necessary. The first flush grab samples had to be collected using the manual grab method within 30 minutes of an appropriate amount of accumulation, which required our personnel to be on site at the beginning of the storm discharge.

Stormwater Project #2 - Storm Water Discharge Monitoring for De-Icing Season

This project requires collection of flow-proportioned run-off samples from 15 automated storm water samplers at 15 locations surrounding the Indianapolis International Airport. Our responsibility includes maintenance and programming of sampling equipment, sample collection, and analysis of samples in accordance with permit requirements. Samples are typically collected following any precipitation event that generates run-off. Weekly composite samples are also collected from the discharge of two retention basins.

Reporting requirements include downloading, processing, and reporting flow data for each of the 15 discharge points.

This project has been performed annually from November through May since 1996 by Astbury Water Technology, Inc. and ESG Laboratories.

CSO Project #1 - City of Indianapolis CSO Program - Wet Weather Monitoring Plan

The purpose of this project was to collect samples from various locations in waterways throughout Marion County and at selected sites in Morgan County. Samples were collected at pre-determined intervals immediately before, during and for an extended period of time after CSO discharge events. In addition to collection of samples for laboratory analysis, field measurements were also recorded. This project required Astbury Water Technology to supply up to four 2-man teams to be on call to respond to appropriate storm events and to collect the samples, usually from bridges. Sampling began before the storm arrived and continued for up to 48 hours following the storm event. The wet chemistry analysis staff of ESG Laboratories also needed to be on call to ensure that analysis of samples was initiated within holding times. The extensive scope and extraordinary demands of this project required significant planning and coordination among all parties involved in the project.

This work was performed over a period from August 1998 through October 1998.


Wastewater Sampling Project #1 - City of Indianapolis Pollutant Loading Study

Collected and analyzed samples from points throughout the City of Indianapolis collection and treatment systems in order to identify potential sources and loads of mercury, cyanide, cadmium, chloride, fluoride, sulfate and total dissolved solids. Sampling points included a broad spectrum of industrial, domestic, stormwater and plant recycle streams. Many sampling points required ultra-clean low-level mercury sampling protocols (EPA Method 1669). Project dates: 2003 through 2005


Laboratory Project - Haynes International, Inc., Kokomo, Indiana

Landfill Well Monitoring Sampling and Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Appendix IX Sampling and Analysis, Wastewater Analysis, and Solid Waste Analysis. Regular IDEM oversight of field sampling procedures and data quality. This project has been ongoing from December of 1993 to present.



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